Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. Leonardo da Vinci

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Psappha's Dream (a short story)

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.. there stood she again staring down the narrow tunnel
of memories .. a twilight masked as the dusk covering her journey
as the quiet spider making its move toward her favourite book, for unknown reasons…
the invisible and uncontrollable rumble of the thinker...
lying in the bed… a silent flickering thought of how this world is unfair to itself..
.. or how the loved one seems to be so unfair or may be love
.. who remains awake looking at her from both corner of the highway..
and also leaves with every vehicle that passes this way.. but does it matter?..
her freedom… the facade so bright and clear
she is free, she thinks she is free… only escaping the torture of folded realities
.. who is thinking that thought?... gazing upon the shapes of the shadow laid upon by her dreams,
…??who is this dreamer gardening the flowers of outlined direction, directionless
caring if the outlook of freedom should look in a certain way, and if not, it's not fair
..engaged so deeply in that fear of the unknown, yet craving for the unfamiliar

direction? derivatives? distortion?

..that story she told herself as a counsel ..may be the void in me, will be filled by you
lost again in the stream of inter-relatability
she has forgotten the faces of the people she kissed in the rebellion against
something she hasn’t understood to the day..
…the flames have their own free will
… how is it winter again? I welcomed summer just yesterday

regularities? repetition? repression?

.. her dreadful eyes follow her everywhere, always watching
always knowing, all her thoughts, everything that she did
everything that she wants to think that she didn’t do.. unapologetically here
.. the other day she dreamt of a dreamer who could fold realities..
little fierce face, smiling lightly at her naked body, and her limited observations…
she remembers everything but the face…
almost like millions of flashing fears tightly together in important difference
of a puddle of cleverness in hiding her vanity
she forgot who she is

agony? awareness? awakening?

.. the unreal creatures, these thoughts, she tells in her story is
an intimidation play played by the universe without any meaning of being,
something should matter, but it doesn’t.. nothing ever matters, nothing did..
this appearance is a scrutiny.. the sharp corners, the rounded edges
a sallow gaze of the figures in the silent numbness of her lungs, death?
.. electricity? an ethereal stillness of the malign glow in a depiction that never fully did
justice to who she was, or is, or will be, or those projections of herself in her mind
but such depth in her vulnerability.. this unimportance of reality is what makes her
feel alive in the halo’ness of recurring resonance of HER music
..drinking the potion she made for herself to act forgetful

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

the dreamer's infinity

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the dreamer's infinity 
looks like a painting from visions of Blake 
there, alive, deep, poetic but quite untouchable 

like an unrequited song of a nymph 
that echoes everyone's heart, but no one listens 
or no one knows what it is 


it is like a spiralling flame burning deep within the quest 
toward the sorrow of the fleeting beam of creation 
the moment it creates, it vanishes 
the moment it vanishes, it creates 
an endless pit or 
maybe an endless bliss 

paradoxes painting paradoxes, he remembers  


you touch my heart with your eternal smell 
'I' look for it everywhere 
....opposites reconciling
......... bondage oh! liberation 
an intimate communion 
the unstruck music 
for bliss is despair 


the sun said, I am the light 
I laughed 
so she devoured me 
...as my eyes opened
I said to myself, I am the light 
the sun laughed 
so I devoured her

this peculiar playfulness 

the dream  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Nude Spaces

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closely knit blood vessels
intertwined as the cathedral of ONE
self-standing electrical impulses
interpolated in natural condensation of love
drumbeats breaking barriers
as carriers of irony and charm

mingling deep into the void
as the lover's breath in radiating calm 

what is iniquity when in a dream?
and when the dream is life...

the lotus as it grows in the bewildered embrace,
is it YOU who decides?

was the universal ocean churned by the gods or the lovers?
 or... or, did the union of the love sprout as the oceans?

who nestles in the heart? the impulse or the ONE?
or is it the poetry of love, can it ever be found?

is this poetry a foolish prattle
trying to settle in the ceaseless cradle of a dream
the silent screams of ignorance
claiming to be one with the pearls of pleasureful thrills

are you quite enough to hear this?
...the silence between the nude spaces

Monday, April 9, 2018


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the wheel turns the apostrophized muse
into the soliloquy of reflections

blocking a view or
a memory of an abyss
and jumping into
a sandstorm of an unusual dilemma

an auditorium
where they formed life
fading slowly
into a modesty of

to break the 'fourth wall' of this catastrophe
she has to defamiliarize the familiar
..the recurring dream,
a horror

she has to erase the faces of the lover,
those he wore, around her, near afar
the faces of the hide and seek
or the hands of aesthetic illusions

the 'wheel' suspended in the beams of her eyelids
and memories played in a sequential loop

the faces are not him, or her
but a landscape of cognitive biases

a tantrum of reality
where many are stuck, many lost

this act makes the bigger wheel turn
as if an illuminated acknowledgement of life
is laughing back at them

laughing at everyone and itself
and at this 'play' of actions and reactions

to the apostrophized muse
whose lover is now lost in translations

between the life where reality screams
enter here, exit here, but no doors

an apostrophe

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tathātā .. in the silence of restfulness

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BREATHE.. inhale, exhale 

she said to him,
hear the songs of life
singing to the ears of love

help your heart feel the poetry 
weaving inside of you
waving at you 
spinning as you

learn to feel

as a scientist.. learn to question 
as a poet.. learn to breathe the beauty 
as a philosopher... learn to see the vile
as a mystic.. enter the temple

enter inside the innermost sanctum of your being

as the great Mahasiddha Sarahapa once said
to realise it, rest in unstructured ease without
meditating on anything

nothing to do, silently singing the songs of love
and entering the temple of life

.. in the silence of restfulness 

but that does not mean that the wonder has vanished away
and no creativity emerges from that silence 

its just the opposite 

.. in the silence of restfulness is the great tree 

the tree, as it branches towards the heaven 
also roots towards the inner city of hell 

for now, it knows 
there is no heaven or hell 
but only a play 

for now, being in silence.. the tree knows 
the roots are the depth
the branches are the height
its being, the balance of creation 

as above, so below
as within, so without 

just a witness
an entropy of the universe 


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Three Matrices in Hermetic Philosophy

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In Hermetic Philosophy, there are three matrices:

1. The Matrix of the Earth, or the Universal Matrix of the World.. the great vase of nature. The sepulchre and living tomb of all creatures. The receptacle of elements and germs...

2. The Matrix of the Uterus.. or the Matrix of the rock.. the force of creation. The force that makes gold and silver out of the rocks... the ROCK is the GOLD..
3. The Matrix of Unspeakable.. the secret of the secrets..  a Vase of silence which becomes
the matrix of the golden Tree of the Philosophers.. the Matrix of the circulation of spirit...

Philosophical Fire in Alchemy

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In Sanskrit, Fire is referred to as Agni. It connotes the essence of nature, the primordial power that consumes, transforms and conveys. It is one of the five constitutive substance 'Mahabhuta'. There are more than a thousand different types of fire mentioned in the Vedas. From the fire in our stomach to the fire in the energetic saps concealed within plants. That is the secret of fire in Alchemy. Every alchemical process uses different fire. But there is one particular type of fire which is revered as the highest form of fire. And it is called 'the Philosophical Fire'.

The Philosophical Fire is the most uniform, a continous form of fire. It is not derived from matter. But it participates in the nature of Sulphur. The spirit is mentioned as Sulphur (sulfer) in Alchemy. It dissolves, congeals and calcines all. It has a certain personality when invoked. It is humid vapourous, altering, digesting, penetrating, subtle and aerial. It is not violent, it doesn't burn, surround, and contain. The philosophical fire is the fountain of Quick Water or Living Water. It is present in the beginning, in the middle and in the end. All form of Art consists of the philosophical fire. It doesn't hinder the union of the miscibles. It doesn't consume or evaporate the bond of the constituent of the parts of bodies. 

The philosophical fire is present in a greater amount in Animals than in the Plants. The blind and the fool tries to sacrifice animals to invoke the philosophical fire, in doing so he creates disbalances that consumes his past, present and future. Great civilizations, kings and alchemists fall because they want to create the philosophical fire by animal sacrifice. 

Great stories are told to explain the importance and beauty of the Philosophical fire. Many names, many metaphors and allegories. One of the famous stories is of Prometheus stealing the Fire from Zeus in the Greek mythology. Prometheus did so to bestow the man with the powers of the gods. Which in itself is enough to explain the importance of the fire. It is said, that the fire that Prometheus stole still runs in the veins of man. And man hence is equal to all the gods. Another famous story is the Sacred Fire of Vesta, which was a sacred eternal flame in Ancient Rome. Vesta is the goddess of fire. She personifies the divine fire. 

The Sanskrit word Agni, perfectly defines the Philosophical Fire. A 5th Century BCE Sanskrit text Nirukta-Nighantu, explains that it comes from three verbs..from 'going', from 'shining' and from 'leading'.  the letter "a" (अ) is from root "i" which he claims implies 'to go', the letter "g" (ग्) is from the root "añj" meaning 'to shine' or "dah" meaning 'to burn', and the last letter is by itself the root "nī" (नी) which means 'to lead'. Another Sanskrit text,  Shatapatha Brahmana, defines Agni as "first", referring to "that first in the universe to arise". 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Oh Powerful Stream

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oh powerful stream, plow our fields of the mind,
of the body and of the heart....

of what cannot be said in words,

of gigantic struggles in the ocean of thoughts

the very substance of no substance
in the natural spectacle, into the beauty of elemental alchemy

oh powerful stream,
imbue the vision into realisation
realisation into the vision 

oh powerful stream, lets laugh together....

where do you go searching for the sacred signs?
if not in your own heart, in the void of your own silence

to the forbidden, enter none the less
don't have fear... don't create fear.....
kindle in the light of the not spoken,
of that which cannot be spoken

that is what we shall see? what should we see?
thus inscribe, the footprints in the sound of dragons,
the dragons of wisdom, the one that Sophia rides...

no trails shall take us there

oh powerful stream, plow our fields of the mind,
of the body and of the heart....

of what cannot be said in words

of a blind king searching for his kingdom from his palace

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I renounce 'Myself'

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the fragrance of Prana flows
inward and outward, to the imbue space-
manifesting as the blessed silence,

the silence that is my heart

the silence is full of never expressible bliss
the silence is bliss

my dear Sophia, I know you feel this....

the flowers of spiral ascension that my heart feels
the fire of Kundalini kindles, the whirlwind of Chakras,

I know you feel this, the tremor and silence,
the freedom from all methods,

...in the garden of methods, cultures and religions, I have grown
but I am not them, I love them but I renounce all

I renounce my name, my gender, my ego, my identity
I renounce 'myself', I renounce all

...still I am here, not with effort, but effortless

do you see Sophia, I am you now

I offer you my emptiness
for I am empty

I offer you my silence
for I am silence

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Alchemical Soul of the Celestial Dakini

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.. the alchemist sees something of the beyond,

she sees the innumerable sublimation, distillation and congelations 
of that which is not just the matter, but the spirit 

she sees the movements and turnings of vibrations,  
of entangled wits, intertwined humor 

she is inflamed with the sublimity of philosophy, 
she becomes and is philosophy herself

she can channel Hermes, 
she finds his energy floating and flowing around her
she, the pure heart, the alchemist 
she, the Hermes 

she the beholder of Golden Panacea 
she is open, free and accepting, for she knows, 
'scientia non habet inimicum nisp ignorantem'
that knowledge has no enemy but ignorance 

and ignorance is the ultimate beast 

her being is ignited by celestial fire, her being fertile
she impregnates the mind, the body and the soul
the nature is her reflection, she is the reflection of nature 

she, the Alchemist, the Devi, the Dakini 
she, the Mother, the Gaia, the Goddess 

she who speaks now, is the one who spoke a hundred years ago, 
or thousands or millions even beyond number, 

she the primordial word, she the AUM  
she wears the infallible mark of the very truth 

she, the enigma
she, the allegories 
she, the fable 

she, the secret vile of hieroglyph   

in her is the very chaos of life, 
the chaos constitutes of siccum and humidum, 
the earth and the water, the chaos has a shadow
the shadow blacker than black, the root of all philosophical night 

in the shadow, the white was formed, from the orange sun, 
deepened in red, inanimate to animate, the philosophical day-
the 'Earth' forms of her mind, she breathes in it, the fire

Earth, the philosophical clay, the personification of Gaia, 
in her is the spirit of all metamorphosis

she, the splendor 
she, the incorruptible primal matter 
she, the Magisterium

she, the forgotten Christ, 
she, the forgotten Buddha, 
she, the forgotten Guru

she, the Alchemist 

'In radios raddis radius precedit honestos
et radius radiis radios dedid obtenebratos.
Transendens radios raddis cunctis magis addit
solus enim vim cuntorum retinrt radiorum.'

'The ray preceded by rays into worthy rays, 
and the ray gave concealed rays to the rays. 
By joined rays, the Transcendent greatly increased the rays, 
for the sun retains the force of the joined rays.' 

she, the Alchemical Sun
she, the Celestial Dakini  

my homage to you, oh Celestial Dakini

Note: The image is of Sukhasiddhi Dakini. A 11th Century, female meditation teacher, born in Western Kashmir. She met her guru at the age of 61. And attained enlightenment soon after that. A reminder that its never too late to start.

A brief teaching from 'shangs pa mgur mtsho' reads:
When the awareness dakini Sukhasiddhi received perfect empowerment into the emanated mandala from the glorious master, the great Virupa, she attained to the eighth stage of awakening in a single night. She truly beheld Vajradhara and became inseparable from the Bhagavani Nairatmya. In order to impart the essential instructions to fortunate disciples, she uttered this song:
Disengaging from the objects of the six senses,
To experience non-thought, is the path that leads beyond.
The expanse of ultimate reality is non-conceptual.
Mahamudra is devoid of mental activity.

Do not meditate! Do not meditate! Do not engage in mind-made meditation!
Mind-made meditation is a cycle of delusion!
Conceptual thoughts are the shackles binding you to samsara.
Turning away from conceptual mind, there is no meditation!

Space is empty and non-conceptual!
The root of conceptual mind, cut off!
Cut off this root and then, relax!

Thus it was said.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Man & the Advent of Ego (Part 1)

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In most of the ancient philosophy, religion and school of thoughts, man is seen as an objective creature. It is very recent that we have started to define man as an subjective entity. Man was seen as THERIOMORPHIC. Which simply means that man was seen in the form of the beast. Man was not special. He was not superior to the rest of the planet. He was a part of that beast family. Just look at the imagery of the Egyptian gods, the head of the man is shown as an animal. As a beast. It is same with the Vedas, the most revered and auspicious among the god is an elephant 'Lord Ganesha'. It was not a question of possibility but the acceptance of the planet as a whole. The nature can take any form. A monkey, a rat, a bird or emptiness. Man was not presumed to be the center of gravity.  

The Dancing Ganesha (Nritya Ganesha)
Today man has made himself regardless of the nature. He finds himself as the observer and not the observed. His spirit is not the spirit of the nature. Hence he struggles with his identity. Because he cannot find his home. The stories of trees, the sounds of bird and the smell of the forest is not a part of him, but a part of his adventure. Our whole ideology focuses on finding adventures, the ego is made to look as a separate entity and that is the problem. Though in our scientific and artistic exploration, we generally imitate nature. We deny the fact that our capacities and understanding are not limited to the senses. The true progress in both science and art is not just to observe and imitate nature, but to realize the one'ness with it. 

Pendulum Clock conceived
by Galileo in 1637. 
Gothe once said, 'Were not the eye of the nature of the sun, how could it behold the sun'. Around 1602, Galileo Galilee observed the relationship between the pendulum and time keeping. He discovered the principle of isochronism. The idea that struck him about pendulum in 1602, became the founding idea for the pendulum clock in 1637. Though Galileo couldn't build a functioning pendulum clock. He knew with certainty that it was possible. It was only in 1656, that the world got its first functioning pendulum clock build by Christiaan Huygens. Galileo could see something beyond the normal eyes, something deeper, hidden in a sense. The force of nature itself, he was a man of true science, hence he was a man of nature. And that is what Gothe is telling us. The true genius of a man is not to look at himself as something from the outside but to look at it from within, as an inside. As one with the entire universe. 

Huygens first Pendulum
Clock design 1656. 

The ego is a powerful composition. It consists of the entire universe. Because it is so huge and so vast, it is very hard to understand what 'ego' is. It is not a tool, per say. That makes a man function. As an example take language. It is so vast, so profound, yet so weak. Language is not the tool of communication, but the essence of what communicates. The mind's eye has certain experiences, and that experience can be shared with certain limitation, and that limitation gives birth to language, but the essence of language precedes experiences. The essence of being precedes the ego. The spirit of the language is not the sound and words, but the imagery, 'the image'. It is only in certain experience of an image that language can be born. The essence of language goes beyond the sense of conceptual thinking. The seeing and the seen, are beyond the conceptual thinking. But because language is looked upon as a method, we can never go beyond that. And as ego, we take language very subjectively. 

This is hence a challenge of communication. Because we are limited to language as a tool. We cannot properly express the deepest of our feelings. Our relationships, our culture, our philosophies, hence remains in the outside. It barely travels the distance of the essence. But that doesn't mean it is not there. For instance, we watch a movie and because of the 'unspeakable factor' of the movie, we travel to our inner language. It reaches somewhere deep within. We feel a sense of familiarity. The language is easily expressed as image, not as words. The battle with language is to be able to portray that image. This image is not in sense the image that we define or visualize it as. The 'Image Spirit of the Language' is our capacity to understand it in terms of our own ego. If someone has only seen green apple, he can only visualize apple in green color, when someone says apple. This is the subjective image. But when someone says 'Love', the image or the sense he has within himself is the objective image of the language.  The 'Speech Spirit of the Language' has its own functional reality, which might not coincide with the 'Image'. Love has no image, no speech. Yet it belongs to the 'Speech Spirit' in a clearer sense. 

Rudolph Steiner in the book How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation (Classics in Anthroposophy) explains that It is, however, not so much our concern here to point out whatever may be needed in this direction, as to indicate things that have a practical bearing on life. Anyone who considers such facts as the above and looks at them all round, must come to recognize that deeply hidden in language there is something that leads out and beyond it to something higher, something that is over language — to the Spirit itself. And this Spirit is not such that in the manifold languages it too can be manifold. It lives within them all as a single unity. This spiritual unity amongst the languages is lost when they shed their first native, elemental vitality and are seized by the spirit of abstraction. Then comes the time when a man in speaking no longer has within him the Spirit, but only the verbal clothing of the Spirit. It is quite a different matter for a man's soul whether, in using such expressions as the above, he feels within him the picture of what actually takes place between two people when one, let us say, ‘falls in’ with the other — or whether he only attaches to the phrase a conventional, abstract notion of the relation between them.
The Voynich Manuscript (the example of objective language)

(........... to be continued)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Polarity Paradox

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(10th November, 2016)

The year 2016 has been a year full of actions and reactions. And it has always been so. But we had never been exposed, fed and actively involved in all things probable, like this year. This is unique and profound. And we truly are privileged in this process, to live it, to encounter it and to observe it. I consider myself an observer and an outsider. Yet, I am an insider and the experiencer. I am attached and detached.

The last 20-30 years, has led to the moments we are living today. The rise of Trump was inevitable. Brexit. It was a must. And it happened. We all are equally responsible for this. Democrats, republican, libertarian, non-sectarian, queen or whomsoever, everyone.

We have created a society based on diversion and differences. Differences are truly beautiful, it creates a spectrum of variety but when we only focus to what makes us different, we tend to forget that there is so much which is common and in unity. We are so tightly focused on making things right, that we only see what is wrong. What is ugly. We portray a paradise future that needs to happen, rather than living a potential, elaborate and beautiful moment right now. Our education system is focused on the coming moment, rather than this moment. The whole thing in itself seems to be a trap. And we trap ourselves in this.

Before 8 years, United States, elected a competent president. Barack Obama, the beckon of hope. The working class, the middle class, the poor, the rich, everyone had their own version of what he could do to make their life easier. Everyone had expected a lot from him. They elected him twice. But at the end of the cycle, they felt betrayed. The middle class, the working class and the poor were still suffering. The difference between those who have a lot and those who have nothing, just got wider and wider. A competent president from the system could do nothing at least for them. Their voices were unheard. And it was not just in the States. But all over the world. People were expecting a huge change, all around. And did it happen, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem so. Now as Clinton was campaigning she promised the change. She was competent like Obama, she was a strong candidate. A person who had a lot of expertise and understanding. But she belonged to that system that people were already suffering in. It’s already a crisis, the system that is prevalent. And people surely couldn’t see a solution in her. All they could hear was ‘Make America Great Again’. An emotional slogan for the many.

The people knew something was wrong, and something has to be done. Clinton couldn’t offer a change in clarity. She was too intellectual for many. Her academic competence and statistical correctness was not being heard by the people. Because they don’t know how to understand them. Or what they meant. This is a paradox. People genuinely want change. Not that they are stuck with the old. They are just fed up. In United Kingdom, in the Arabian countries. In the United States. It was the same people who helped Obama win, not once, but twice. Where Romney had lost. In no way are the people irrational, or blind. May be there are some extremist groups and sects, but people are free to choose what they feel is right. That is democracy.

The Clinton campaign was incapable on convincing these people, that the change they want is possible with her presidency. She couldn’t make an appeal for the new. Sanders was passionate about this, he wasn’t talking about the political correctness. Rather a compassionate change for the people and by the people. And the system didn’t want that. He was an absolute change. They were scared of him. He was new, his ideas were new. And the old system couldn’t comprehend, that is was essential. So, they gave Clinton to the public. The same old system from the Washington. Trumps victory over the old was inevitable. How much stupid he might seem, he belonged to the new. To the uncertain. And for the people things already are uncertain, hence they could give that vote to him, rather than to the establishment which was leading from the past 8 years. Had it been Sanders (the other new), the outcome might have been very different.

Trump, the president elect, has done and said so many things which is morally unacceptable to many of those people who voted for him. It’s absurd. But people voted for him. Now this is fascinating. Let’s not blame the people, but let’s try to understand why this happened. People saw Trump as an alternative to the system even though he is the worst of the worst option. It seems to me that, people simply and genuinely wanted change. And what Clinton was offering was not convincing enough. The fact is that it’s not that Trump won, it’s that Hilary lost.

The equation in which a person like Trump could become the president was made possible by those who were in the system, the establishment and who failed to prove that there is a better alternative and they are doing it. The ‘It’s Okay’ attitude failed. Trump tapped into that fear and anger within people against the system. He was not supported by his own party, he was ridiculed by media, and even Obama himself ensured people that voting for Trump is the worst thing. This was the paradox. The more Trump was outlined and kept outside the border, the more people associated with him. Political blindness of the experienced people led to Trump. It was same with the Brexit. The cause and the effect.

What Now?

Recognize the fact that people need a better alternatives to what is already available. People need a meaningful change. People need real change makers rather than huge discourses.

Don’t blame people for voting Trump. Be compassionate and loving to them and make them understand that this was not a good call. Reach out and understand the fears they have. Understand why they feel like this. Let’s not be presumptuous. Burning the American flag won’t help. It’s a symbol for a grandeur, possibilities. Anger cannot beat hatred. Many of us are not feeling the weight of the world, of surviving with minimum, we are privileged with what we have. The people who voted for him were marginalized, may be by their own self. But they are lost. The rich did not vote for him, the poor did. The educated did not vote for him, the uneducated did. Just google the statistics and see. The white did not only vote for him, even the minority did.

Our task at hand, mine, yours, and those who are ready to take the leap of faith is that we need to make sure to create a world where Trump is not necessary. If you think it’s impossible to do so, there will be Trump rising all over the world. He has given a model for the world. And not this thread of stupidity will continue. Trump was the continuum to the Brexit. If we aren’t compassionate, and filed with hatred and anguish, this wave shall follow.

This change is not going to happen with the system or establishment. Trump would create another system. The system is a default state. The change needs to happen within us. It needs to happen in our education system, in our schools, in our homes and in the way we commute, in the way we think. It has to happen in our mind-set. May be few, but powerful, significant change.

If our friends, neighbors or loved ones, see trade, immigration, cultural mergers and globalization as a threat. Show them how it is not, and show them they understand the flaws, but people like Trump cannot be our answer to the problems we are facing. The change needs to happen in our mind-set, not elsewhere. Clinton winning wouldn’t solve the problem. Or anyone. Our problems cannot be solved by anyone else but us. We have a huge responsibility now. We have the ability to respond compassionately and with gratitude. Not with anger and weapons, to be change makers starting from ourselves. The collective consciousness of humanity is shaped by individual beings. The change we have been looking outside elsewhere is within us. Here, this moment.

I know lot of us are scared and uncertain. And that’s okay. But because we are in fear we cannot be condescending to each other. To ourselves and to the world. That for sure is not the solution. This had to happen. There was no way out. It has happened. But be optimistic about the world we live in today. The achievements we have made as a humanity. The singular sense of being, a sense of responsibility we feel today.

I was born in Nepal, it has for the past two decades been in absolute chaos. And as a Nation, WHOLE, I feel we have found beauty in this chaos. From 18 hours light outs, to political instability to lack of infrastructure, to low bargaining power with the neighbors, to the recent Earthquake to so many other things, the situation might look like a post-apocalyptic era. But it’s not. It’s a reminiscence of beautiful chaos. An archaic order. Oneness. Living in the United States for about a year, I feel like an absolute outsider. A nomad who is surprised with what you have created. Everything is wondrous, but detached. You spend more time outside your home and with your family just to seek momentarily peace. This is not a good example of a developed society. It seems to be in infancy to me. It’s a good thing and it has the possibility of growth, not in the outer (you have achieved it already, but in the inner, within yourself). Friends in the United States and so many part of the world, remember you have so much. You are living a life someone in Somalia can only dream about. You don’t need to lose your hope and faith in humanity because of a person like Trump. For a while think of what you have compared to billions of people. You are lucky, even with Trump. You live in a material paradise, the only change that is needed is in the mind-set, and when we work with ourselves and share this beautiful symbiosis, you already are living in a paradise.

If you fight today, you will ruin this paradise. The wall that Trump might build would do nothing, unless you create a wall within yourself. The blockage that Trump might create would do nothing, unless you block ideas ad spectrum of thoughts within yourself. People like Trump feed on your anger, fear and hatred. They always have. With compassionate reinforcement, they can never win. They never have. Imagine Tibet for a while. Tibet never lost Tibetness, it just lost a little bit of land. Today Tibet is everywhere.

This is our task. To not be guided by fear, hatred, anger, disappointment, jealously and blindness. But to be driven by love, compassion, mindfulness and peaceful affirmation and action. Above all, this is of utmost importance.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Fragrance of Beloved

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the fragrance of a flower
is always present in the muddiness of consciousness,
for the flower is there, even if it is not

the lover asks his beloved, 'does the flower have a heart?'
'not the beating one but the being one and the non being one', she replies

the fragrance follows the lover like the void of cosmos,
never one, but never two as-well,
such wondrous play,
such suchness

the lover asks his beloved, 'does the flower bloom in the night or the day?'
'you are always blooming, dear one, always blooming', she replies

no words of bliss and ecstasy can define this,
so stay silent beloved,
stay in silence,

never, uttering a word
just your fragrance

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Colossal Pretense !

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'discover your own identity' 

As he took his first step into the horizontal capitalistic society, he confronted a serious flaw in his own existence. His thoughts were invisible here. He belonged to no groups, no normalization, no stereotypes, and no revolution. Philosophy was a constant incessant irony. From where he came, knowledge was not to think but to see. Here, even the possibility of thinking was un-reflective, vision was a rare commodity. The traditional culture portrayed this land as a land of individuality, democracy and freedom. But he found very less humans, conspired oligarchy and slavery.  Was this to be the new Atlantis, he wondered. Kierkegaard was very right, humans are condemned to freedom. But no one wants to be free. This place seems to be what Huxley tried to explain, that dysfunctional society. Where the choice of leadership is between a cruel thief and a xenophobe. Both scared of change and unity. 

This place also has another face, hidden, unseen, almost masonic, ancient. When one is seeking for eternal validity, he forgets that he is validating himself in the sensuous experience of perpendicular actuality.  His valor is his own boredom. Hence boredom is intelligence. It has to take the shape of intelligence. In that nihilistic romanticism is a sophisticated seducer, that makes us crave for this mechanistic engineering. Where technology is not a friend but a foe. Where spontaneity has been quantified inside the dullness of a voyeuristic mind, where you cannot reflect on willful imagination. It has to be filled in you by a collective dream process called television. That dragon is not an irony of inner fantasies but the artifice used to emptily and willingly serve the faith, the politics or even the enemy of soul. The equilibrium is not between love and hate. But hate and hate with a smile. And this is the exemplary land of modernization and achievements. A colossal pretense. 

'this place is a delicious deception sold by multinationals as virtuous dreams, those dreams written with the blood of children's in a closed factory or an open playground somewhere in China, or Bangladesh, or Nigeria, or Palestine ' 

'discover your own identity' 

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Monstrous Ego or How Poetry is a Naked Person !

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them beautiful struggles are like
quadruple doses of brilliant illusions
riding faithfully to the notorious feels of
being in the enterprise of lucid poetry

mystical yearnings of a unit experience
embracing words like a lover
convinced that-- this hoax would simplify things,

amused by its collectivity to define that'ness
just a blissed-out state, just this moment

that is why poetry is an adrenaline rush
a mental molestation of your fancies, your fears
your insecurities and your imaginations

poetry is a close encounter with the naked person
a girl, or a boy, that doesn't even matter

poetry is the highest compliment, the dreadful lie
poetry is reality characterized as an imbalance of abandonment

poetry smells like rotting flesh,
a new born baby or like Kathmandu when it rains

compassionate, yet fearsome
finding solace between lovers in bed
or cactus in a desert

impending darkness
exploding lightness

just the eyes of compassion
just this awareness

poetry is a naked person

an apocryphal story of a conversation between I's

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an apocryphal story of a conversation between I's

the myriad of forms is divided into two:
atoms and the void, each separate, together one

the dualism is the medium of communication
art and science, heaven and hell, black and white
the dualism is a bridge of connection
a circuit through which information is penetrated into reality;
that in its own rights is the most Greek view of life,

Democritus once said that-
"By convention hot, by convention cold,
but in reality atoms and void, and also in reality
we know nothing, since the truth is at bottom"

because in 'ether' man is just a vibration,

a being in the swift currents of life,
not a human doing, but a human being
thus thinking is an art of being,

but as we row our boat in the rivers of time, we tend to forget
that science and spirituality is an artistic one
crisscrossing and ricocheting within their own walls,
they were meant to dance in dualism

but we are cursed to eternity,
hence we fight for one, when in reality two is already one
and one is already in two, a deeper question mark?

As Proust once said, its not new landscape we find,
but the new eyes we get. But again, Alan Watts, reminds us that,
when we are looking at the sky, the sky is looking right
back at us, so where is the eye? In here, or over there?

or is it the eye of Horus,
watching the watcher and the watched

but asking the wrong question never gives you the right answer
yet we worship the process of asking, but not uncovering,

asking never leads to topos hyperuranion 'the place beyond heavens'
only uncovering does, hence no discovery is ever made,
we just rediscover things which we already know, we are not the question
but the answer, we uncover our own self, rediscover our own roots

that is the irony of it,
the way disease is the expression of life

I in you, and you in me, us together and separate
are the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end

but do you know, that there is no beginning and no end

as Crowley beautifully concluded,
'Holy art thou, Chaos, Chaos, Eternity,
all contradictions in terms!'

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

to hear the soundless calls of love

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the spring calls her beloved,
wake up now...

turn down the furnace of grief
be gentle and walk around
when daffodils sing
enjoy the dance of birds

do nothing at once
do nothing at all

just be the moment
the observer observed
in that observance be steady enough,
to hear the soundless calls of love

do not cling to ego
be not bounded to sight
see from within
the true beauty beyond thy eyes

the spring calls her beloved,
wake up now...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Youniqueness: A Geometric Recurrence of the Transcendental Curve

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This is subjective. Miraculous. 
Only true if you can really see through the vile. 

If that is so, move along. Or else thy shall return. 
To your objective circle. An easy way out from here. 
That is particularly where you choose to belong. 
But this is for the risk takers. Mad painters. 
Outspoken poets. Riddlers. Thinkers. Explorers. 
Writers. Magicians. Seekers. Occasionally-
artistic gods in human forms. The futurist, 
the melancholic destroyer of thoughts, the hedonist. 
The archaic, the high humpback whales, 
the atomic tingles. The surreal. 

This is for those who don't belong.
Not here or anywhere. 

This is for those who find youniquenss in the complex 
dictionary of thought and realty. To those who alter genes. 
To those who change and merge. Blend and reoccur. 

This is for those who came with no manuals written.

This is for those who believe in the gene matching smell 
of the lovers kiss, which feels like the transcendental curve and wave of 
the enlightenment factor. This is for those who sculpt time 
into a paradigm of evolution. To those choice bearers. 

This is for the bittersweet symphony of life. 
This is for those silence seekers. 

To those watching eyes watching the 
wackadoodle universe watching itself as the 
watcher in those watching eyes. 


Monday, February 22, 2016

You are Freedom Personified

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the space bends you into shapes

forms of colors, taste and deepness
but you are not you, that you which you define 
you are not you, that you which you defend 
you are not you, that you which you see in the mirror

you are but an expression of that divine
that divine which cannot be defined by you or I, 
you see, how this all is so goofy
such humor, such paradox, such lie

no names, no divisions, no arrows 
and no bows can ever distill you in your heart, 
you are free, you are freedom personified 

the only cage that can bind you 
is nothing else but 'YOU' 

and in that joke the universe giggles 
you are the giggling universe 

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Language of No Sense !

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Partly because he had an unfathomable need
for an collective altered state of perception, where
wired framed lenses of his eyes could learn
something more, subtle and lucid, now this is not
a bandaged undertaking, not a ceiling over
the concrete head-- or a stammering psychopath
in my head. Its completely okay,
you can take your time in circling the vistas of words
but I do see him talking in third person,
so that who you think is reading this, possible needs
a surgeon of his own, possibly someone who can
dissect the amygdala out of his brain,
reminded that you cannot use any cursors or
thought implants to do this, you have to jump,
because he is already ciphering your needs,
and you have given him a name, GOD,
its certainly your own ideas of him has nothing to
do with you, nor his to you, its relative:
but thought once digitized gives you a sense of
what we together can tap into, a language of no sense,
here is where you will and can first read this
a Bible of a sort, or a Geeta, or a Kuran, but the
beauty and the secret is nothing will make
any sense, that's the language of no sense, here
he can read nonsense as he reads the faces
of people who brush their teethes regularly, 
no Bible is needed, no Geeta or Kuran.

I have ever wondered, but he hasn't,
he has known that he is the known, and the unknown.

Now be sure you don't need to go to Harvard for this,
you can just for once take a long deep breath
and transmit yourself to the quantum vacuum
may I finally remind you, this is possible,
He knows because he is talking from the other side.
He knows because you are him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Death and the Quivering Chills of a Lover's Breath

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the magic is in the death & decay
because that is what transforms life, 
that lets it grow and expand 
that gives it meaning

the meaning of life is simple, 'DEATH'
everything dies in this enterprise called the universe 
nothing briskly remains as a token, 
nothing for granted 
nothing static 
nor kinetic 

but the quivering chills of a lover's breath
remains as an eternal hangover, 
and in that state of mind, t
he universe collides 
into a star,

there is no death and no life 
there is only death and only life 

so please be happy and mourn, 
because you are dying 
and you shall 
never die 

holographs !

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thank You, Oh! Beautiful Soul.

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It's hard to explain,
much harder to tell- dare I say a word
dare a word be spoken,.

It's almost like trying to solve the
perennial puzzles of soul,
magnetized into the overwhelming response
of heart, not so vividly spoken, yet told.

I am incapable of articulating
the expansion of feelings, just a wise symphony
of a deeper awe. And this feel of
universal splendor taking over
my perplexed soul.

Why is it so?

Because you are rendering a parallel
polarization of magnification and allure,
where I am pointing to insightfully
profound sense of beauty that holds me
when I am around your lure.

Thank you oh, beautiful soul.
It's an absolute grace. And your presence
is enchanting waves of euphoria
to behold.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Raving Inside Your Head !

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Naturally, I can place various images in your head.
Dolphins. Cats. Batman. First love. Sex. Mountains. Stars.
Best friend. Mother. Cats again.

You see, we together can rave inside our heads,
we can portray an imagination that can lead us to
the mysteries of universe.

We can time travel.
We can warp black holes in the
very fabric of our neurons.

We can immortalize ourselves by the very
gesture of thinking. We can pinpoint poetry to the
elementary foundation of rudimentary atoms.
We can become atomic reactors synchronizing,
exploding and expounding the
morphic fields of our resonant being,
and in doing so 'we evolve'.

We are the constant evolution of imagination.

We can take screenshots of our reality and merge them
together to direct a film called life. We are life bearers.
We are light bearers. We carry the torch of inertia,
of thermodynamics and of the ultimate gods.
Of pandora's box. Of Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Vedic
Aztec and Himalayan wisdom.

We by the virtue of nature and being
are the ultimate shamans of mind. Each one of us,
connected by a thread of unseen reality
are touching the very core of each other. We are all

You see there is one thing that I cannot project in your head,
'LOVE'. We all feel it, we all can be it, we all can
breathe it in 'in our being', we all can fall and rise with it,
but we can never ever ever ever ever define it,
we can never visualize it, but it is always there, it is what connects us,
our imaginations, our consciousness, our planet
and the whole universe. It connects us.

You see it's love.

And once again it's the cute little cat
that has been running around in your head.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tears are Misunderstood Laughters

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When head heeds emptiness
like strings of vibratory feelings crossing 
the [PATH] of emotional tantrums-
you see, for the first time how the ego plays 
the songs of desire. This here (this thing) 
is the cradle of hope. 

A fierce stationary junction 
where 'your existence' remains unknown. 
Where you can't find authenticity. 
Where you see stupidity crawling inside your spines. 
Where you are halfway alive, halfway dead. 
This is the palace of melancholia. 
Here, you mourn your untimely death. 

Some many of 'once upon a time' has passed here.
So many times, you have died a death 
not meant for you. 

This might sound as a dismal theme,
a dreadful humour engraved inside a shell of tragedy. 
where humanity is a pretentious whore, 
and humans are depressed to the very core-

there I shall ask him, 
if this is where he belongs?
or does he have a choice?

Read a book or two, read Kierkegaard
he would make a little sense to you, because as you-
he knows tears are misunderstood laughters,
that way no stains remain in your soul,
you feel cleanly incomplete, touched yet untouched
exhausted yet new, yes, that way you can
dream a dream and know it will
never ever come true, this would be your
delirious new energy lingering like the
midsummer desire to be left alone.
In your aloneness.
Raped &

That is the fate,
this planet has to live with. Because
she gets raped everyday and
every moment, and no one really
seems to care.

That is your fate too,
but since you are a slave of the branded world
you don't really seem to care, about her
or about you.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Philosophical Imaginatrix: The Magical Tarot Cards

Tarot are mysterious cards. The cards of magic and divination. There is no known origin of the 'Tarot' cards. The tarot consists of 78 cards, which is divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The 56 minor arcana are divided into 4 suits. The 4 suits in the modern cards also come from the 'Tarot' system. Simply put, the modern cards are derived from the 'tarot' cards. The 'Tarot' cards represent the human anatomy, the solar system and the structure of universe. The 'Tarot' cards are believed to have inherited the mysteries of 'Thoth' and 'The Book of Enoch'. One must look at the cards and observe these cards with the thought of mystery and magic in mind. That way the cards work. The cards consist of the way to magic and mystery.

According to Antoine Court de Gébelin, the word 'Tarot' is derived from Egyptian word Tar and Ro. Tar means the royal and rod means the road. The word tarot hence means the royal road to wisdom. Tarot should not be just treated as play cards. We must view them as:

1. Hieroglyphs consisting the mysteries and laws of Universe and Nature. 
2. Consist properties to produce distinct action and reaction. 
3. Made of deeper alphabetical symbols. 

Today we don't use symbols as a way of learning and unfolding but ancients heavily used symbols to understand and explain the laws of universe. Symbols were also used in ceremonial magics. Tarots are symbols of philosophy and magic. Tarots are the tools of visualizing and imagining the world and the universe. Also, Tarots are the tools of divination and self discovery. A way to connect our consciousness with the unconscious self. 

I feel Charles Williams, one of the prominent member of the Oxford Literary Group 'Inklings' has explained the essence of 'Tarot' in the best way possible. He says-

“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.”

As mentioned above there are 4 suits in the minor arcana. There four suits are equivalent to the 4 elements. Which can imagine them also as four corners of creation. We can also imagine them to be the 'Tetragrammaton', the four letter Hebrew word for Jehovah (IHVH). The four suits are the cups, swords, coins and rods. 

The cups are priesthood.
The swords are military.
The coins are tradesman.
The rods are farming class. 

These four suits are similar to the caste system of the vedic religion. Which are Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Which is also almost similar to the concept of priesthood, military, tradesman and farming class. According to Antoine Court de Gébelin the suits represent the political geography of the world. Where cups are the northern countries, the swords are the orient , coins are the occident and the rods are the southern countries. 

Each suit is further divided into 14 cards. Of which the initial 10 are small cards. And the rest 4 cards are major cards which are King, Queen, Prince and Princess. These 4 cards from the 4 suits makes 16 court cards. 

 The 22 major arcana are thought to be 22 Hebrew letter. Which are attributed as:

1. the three Mother letters, Shin, Mem and Aleph (the three active elements)

2. the seven so-called double letters, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Peh, Resh and Tau (the seven sacred planets)

3. the remaining twelve letters Heh, Van, Zain, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh, A’ain, Tzaddi and Qoph (the Signs of the Zodiac)

The 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot cards starts from 0. The first 0'th card is the Fool. Which is followed by chronological number system 1-21. And the cards are: the Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Hierophant, the Lovers, the Chariot, Strength, the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, Justice, the Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, the Devil, the Tower, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, Judgement and the World.  

Today's modern cards are a simpler forms of minor arcana. Of which a card is eliminated making it 13 cards in each suit. These 13 cards in each suit makes 52 total cards. The cards have two unit colors: red and black. These two colors represents the sun when it's in the north of the equator and south in the quarter. While the four suits are the seasons. Or the vedic system of the Yugas (aeons). Which are Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kali Yuga. 52 total cards represent the 52 weeks in the year. While, 13 card in each suit are the 13 lunar month. The last 3 cards (11th, 12th and 13th ) are the jacks, queens and kings. When 3 is multiplied by 52, we get 364. When we add one more joker to 364, it becomes 365 days ( the number of days in the year). 

According to Milton Pottenger-
The United States of America was laid out according to the conventional deck of playing cards, and that the government will ultimately consist of 52 States administered by a 53rd undenominated division, the District of Columbia.

Furthermore 16 court cards represents 4 elements and 4 sub elements in deeper levels. Which can be divided into 16 groups. Which according to Aleister Crowley are:

Knight (king) of Cups, Water of Fire
Queen of Cups, Water of Water
Prince of Cups, Air of Water 
Princess of Cups, Earth of Water
Knight (king) of Swords, Fire of Air
Queen of Swords, Water of Air
Prince of Swords, Air of Air 
Princess of Swords, Earth of Air
Knight (king) of Coins, Fire of Earth
Queen of Coins, Water of Earth
Prince of Coins, Air of Earth 
Princess of Coins, Earth of Earth
Knight (king) of Rods, Fire of Fire
Queen of Rods, Water of Fire
Prince of Rods, Air of Fire
Princess of Rods, Earth of Fire

The mysticism of Tarot goes deep. As you think we understand the the mystery of tarots, it unfold into deeper levels. And each level is genuinely profound. The first card of the major arcana is the fool. Which represents the number 0. The universe at the beginning is the fool, with no sense of right or wrong. In silence the universe evolves. 

We as seeker must draw a card with a small invocation or ritual. In stillness and meditativeness. Draw the card with energy of the human epicenter. The card must be drawn always from the left hand. Because the left hand represents the unconscious and intuitive nature of human mind. If we are using it for divination purposes, one must ask the question of the being from the intuitive nature of mind. That way the unconscious mirrors the cards. And the seeker reaches a union of understanding. You don't pick up the card, rather let your intuition seek the card. Trust the instinct in you. Flow in the spontaneous reaction. Here the seeker reacher a universal synchronicity. The concept that was a part of the archetypal imagery and symbol. Let the synchronous energy rule. 

Now reading a card needs a deeper understanding and wisdom. Which must be an individual journey. Very less people reach a level of wisdom needed to read the Tarot cards. It can also be said the 'TAROT' decides the reader (the knower). Tarot reads you. Rather than you are reading the tarot. 

We don't trust the meaningless and abstract. We want simplicity and concrete nature. But the essence of nature is in the mystery of abstract. For example 10 + 15 = 25. This is simple, and we call it concrete. But what is more profound and deeper is: X2Y2=(X +Y) (X-Y). Which is way more relatable and scientific. One needs to understand it, to understand the nature of life. 

I have always loved the abstract. The mysterious. The complex. Because that is the way of the universe. In that, the universe is simple. Simplicity is the core of mysterious and complex. This way 'Tarot' is as simple as possible and as complex as possible, just like the UNIVERSUM. 

To lucid-
that lead synthetic obscurity
of high towering
authenticated blindness
to the harmonization
of definitive

Some major quotes about Tarot:

1. The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicits of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the few of truths imbedded in the consciousness of all, though they have not passed into express recognition by ordinary men. - A.E. Waite 

2. The first part of our study of the Tarot, full of numbers, of Hebrew letters, and abstract deductions, is not calculated to attract the attention of ladies. But if women enjoy mystery and idealism, prefer and excuse the flights of a vivid imagination, men exact precision and method in studies of this kind, and I have therefore built this arsenal of technical arguments for them, confining imagination in the narrow limits of deduction; so that, if she has sometimes escaped and scattered the brilliant gems of illusion over the course of my work, the escape was only made with great trouble, and in spite of my efforts to retain her. It is, however, traditional that the future can be read through the Tarot, and our feminine readers will never forgive me if I ignore their natural curiosity on this point.- Papus 

3. The Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs. - A.E. Waite 

4. At the basis of Creation are the Four Cosmic Elements, as they were symbolically mentioned by visionaries such as Ezechiel and St. John of Patmos, and taught by astrology of old. It requires no extraordinary intuition of the occult student to recognise in the four colours of our playing-cards or the four suits of the Tarot's Lesser Arcana those four basic Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The question remains however: Which is which?
There must have been a time when knowledge about these matters was nearer at hand than is the case nowadays; the symbols speak for it. A student of Occultism has to pay attention to symbols above all.  - A.E. Thierens